Secondary Offerings of An Outsourced Inbound Customer Support Desk

This article provides insight to the functions performed by an outsourced inbound customer support desk. Besides providing the primary service of customer support, the inbound support desk can also provide several secondary services. This article gives a detail of the salient services provided by outsourced inbound customer support desk service offering companies.

Regardless of the nature of the business, there is always a need of an inbound call center. The customers that call the business need to have their queries resolved, in addition to the important information that can be provided to the calling customers, which can lead to a possible sale.

Besides the increasing trend of outbound telemarketing call center outsourcing, the other trend that is soaring is of inbound call center outsourcing. The outsourced inbound customer support desk can provide variety of secondary services; a few of them are listed below.

Answering Service:

The basic purpose of an answering service is to receive the calls of the customers and provide them with useful business information. A good virtual assistant services provider offers such an answering service that besides being cost effective is also time saving.

Customer Service:

The most important secondary service provided by an outsourced inbound customer help desk is customer service. A good inbound customer support desk will do its best in customer acquisition (by receiving the calls of customers and offering them information about further products and services), customer growth (by convincing the first time calling potential customers to avail product or services of the company), and providing customer care.

Direct Mail Response:

An inbound call center will have agents that ensure that the mail of the customers reaches them at the exact place and at the exact time.

Inquiry Handling:

An outsourced inbound customer desk support specializes in inquiry handling. The queries of the customers are handled with utmost care and detailed information about a specific product or service is provided to the customer. A good virtual assistant service provider will ensure that the customer gets a detailed understanding of the product or service of the company, in addition to a smooth query resolution.

Sales Lead Qualification:

An inbound call center can serve as a great tool in lead generation and qualification. The potential prospects that call the business can be turned into a lead by providing them with quality information about the business. By providing them with excellent customer guide, these inbound callers can turn into leads, which by proper nurturing and qualifying can then be transferred to the sales department to close it.

Chat and Email Support:

Due to the change in customer's behavior, the use of chat and email is increasing more than ever. A large number of customers contact the inbound customer help service by either sending an email or by chatting online with the support representative. A quality inbound outsourced customer support desk service provider will have efficient agents that will be expert both in chat as well as in formal communication to provide the customers with excellent support.