Inbound Lead Qualification Services

Our lead qualification can make sure that you get the most value for each marketing dollar that you spend.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Over half of all inbound business to business leads are never followed up on
  • 90% of business buyers are impressed and satisfied when a company contacts them on the same day that they fill out a contact form
  • 58% of decision makers make a deal with the first company that responds to them
  • The average business buyer will visit 8-12 websites and fill out lead forms at 5 of them

These days no one has the budget to hire someone to sit around the office and qualify web leads for the company.  If you are a business that is running on tight resources, consider hiring a Lead to Market associate who will qualify past and present web leads and turn them into active sales opportunities.

Our lead qualification services include:

  • Inbound web leads
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • Webinar signups
  • Trade Show lead generation
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Trial product downloads
  • Advertising campaigns

Our associates will do all of the calling and back-end CRM work, allowing for you to do more with the same number of sales representatives. Your Lead to Market  full time resource will not only qualify the leads that are coming in, but also book discovery calls for your sales reps, saving them time and increasing overall revenue.